Our Background

Rev. Tony Rovis Wafula, a Pastor, husband and father of four is credited with founding Bay of Hope (BOH) Bulutwe Child Care Ministries in 2018. Poverty is more than hunger, Bay of Hope invests in the whole child and we know that community transformation occurs when its future leaders are fully supported. A world where every child is loved, safe and developing his/her God given potential.

When Rev Tony, founder of BOH, and his wife Prossie visited Bulutwe village located in Buikwe District, about 45 Km East of Kampla in Central Uganda, they saw the need of children and families in the community. There were countless lives in the community suffering spiritually because they had no hope or peace in Christ; they also suffered physically, because they lacked shelter, food, medical care, and much more. There were many abandoned children living on the streets orphaned by death, poverty or some other tragedy. This great need they experience gripped their hearts to leave the walls of the village to reach the greater community at large.
Inspired by the life works of John Wesley, Rev Tony answered the call to serve the Lord Jesus through teaching, evangelizing and providing essentials to children living in poverty in Uganda starting in Bulutwe village spreading to Buvuma Island. Today Bay of hope runs a school, home where 30 children have been helped.


“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can , to all the people you can, as long as ever you can”John Wesley

Today, a team of dedicated citizens in Uganda provide the day-to-day management of the Project following the legal regime in operation in Uganda such as the Non Governmental Organisations Act, Children Act as amended in 2016 among other legistations.


Our Mission: To provide holistic Christ-Centered care for orphans and vulnerable families enabling them to create positive and enduring change in their communities.

Our Vision: To restore hope and improve livelihoods of vulnerable families in Uganda

Core Values
(a) Community Centeredness
(b) Integrity
(c) Transparency & Accountability
(d) Team work and total commitment
(e) Spiritual guidance
(f) Principles of equal opportunity
(g) Environmental sensitivity